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Understand your Eating

Your personal invitation from the new Weight-Loss Centre at the Body Clinic, Whitchurch, Cardiff to attend the revolutionary course which helps you understand your eating – starting Thursday 7 April (evening).

* Do you diet but always put the weight back on?
* Do you consider yourself to be a “comfort eater”?
* Do you eat more than you need or want?

Let us show you an effective and far healthier alternative to the age-old yo-yo diet treadmill. No pressure, no hunger pangs – just a friendly, supportive environment and a new way to think about food. We won’t tell you what or how much to eat.

As a group leader I am a qualified and experienced counselor specialising in disordered eating and was trained to run the programme by Professor Julia Buckroyd, who developed it. As a professional, I work within the ethical guidelines set out by the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

The Understanding Your Eating Programme has three parts – you can just start with the Introduction, the others are optional:

An Introduction to the programme which is designed to help you discover whether you are an “emotional eater” and to teach you how you can start to use other ways of managing your life. This consists of a series of five seminars usually conducted weekly and lasting one to one and a half hours.

  • Nine free-standing modules exploring different eating behaviours in more depth.
  • Provision of online support via the Understanding Your Eating Forum.
  • The first two parts of the programme are run in small groups and are confidential.

As a special introductory offer, the Introduction, covering all five sessions, is just £95.

Once you have completed the Introduction to the Understanding Your Eating Programme, you have the option of continuing with further modules which explore further aspects of over-eating. The Introduction will help you select which of the further nine modules best suit you.

Each of these modules will run for four weekly sessions and cost £95 for all four workshops. Groups will have no more than ten members and are confidential.

Stage 2 modules cover:
* Emotional eating – how to understand it and manage it.
* Feelings – becoming aware of them and how to manage them.
* Motivation and empowerment for change.
* Food monitoring, planning and choice.
* Activity
* Self-nurture
* Relationships
* Self-esteem
* Body-esteem

SO BOOK YOUR PLACE TO GET OFF THE YO-YO DIET TREADMILL NOW! Course starts Thursday 7 April (evening)

As a special introductory offer, the Introduction, covering all five sessions, is just £95.

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Christine Glover
BEd, Dip CP, Dip Hyp, MBACP

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